3 Common Mistakes in PPC

There are hundreds of mistakes to be made in PPC, but here are some really common mistakes that if not addressed can tank your entire campaign and limit your returns!

1. Landing Page Relevance

This one is a very easy mistake for beginners to make. I’ve seen quite a few clients make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience or even using keywords that do not match their services. Here are a couple easy solutions:

  •  If you trying to target a specific device, make sure that your site is optimized to be viewed on said device
  • Make sure that your Ads and Keywords are 100% relevant to your website and services. If you do not do this, your quality score will tank and you will have a lower ad rank or even worse your ad will not show at all.

2. Misusing Geo-Targeting

This one is relatively simple, right? Not always. Some clients want to take on the world, and there isn’t anything wrong with that if you have a budget to match. So again two easy solutions.

  • When it comes to geo-targeting start with your service area first, once you’ve gauged the actual cost of your campaign you can decide if you have ad spend to match the idea of expanding your targeting.
  • Understand that you’ll be competing with big budget campaigns, targeting the world means it is going to cost you quite a bit more.

3. Being Number One Is Better

There is nothing wrong with being number one in the search results rank, but there is a common misconception that costs companies every day. What is that misconception? The idea that being number one means you will get the maximize the number of visitors to your site, which is actually not true at all. Being in the number one spot costs more, so your time there will burn through your daily budget. Being number one will actually cost you more and get you less traffic. Don’t fall for it!

If I sat here long enough, I’m sure that I could add 40 or 50 other potholes that we all fall in on adwords. Hopefully, you can find some use in this very short list.

Feel free to comment with any problems or solutions you may have.

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