3 Key Components to Managing Your PPC Campaign


  1. Be Patient

The first mistake most small businesses make with their PPC marketing campaigns is expecting immediate results. While PPC is by far the fastest way to get traffic to your site, it does not promise immediate conversions, but don’t give up! It takes months to manage your campaign to the level you need it to be at to get maximum results.


  1. Quality Score

Understanding the importance of quality score can make or break your campaign. Are your ads relevant to your keywords? Do your keywords match the service on your landing page? If you were unsure of either, your quality score will suffer significantly while costing you money! Make sure you keep your ads and keywords are aligned with your service, and you will see improvements in your campaign.


  1. A/B Testing

A/b testing can help you find the best combination of keywords, ads and landing page. Rephrase your ads and labelling, and now follow which one is most successful. It seems obvious, but it’s something that gets overlooked a bit too often.


These are just three obvious tips that can help you manage your ad campaigns, do you have any suggestions or questions? Comment Below.

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