5 Reasons You Should Be Using Adwords To Grow Your Business


In my previous posts I wrote a brief introduction to PPC and Adwords, but in this post, I’ll be mentioning reasons I believe you should be using Google Adwords for your business. Let’s get started.

1. AdWords is easy to track

One of the main advantages that digital marketing has over traditional marketing formats, like TV, Radio, or print, is that it’s much easier to measure. However, it can be difficult to measure your SEO campaigns since you don’t always get a precise measurement of what increased or decreased your rankings. Enter AdWords PPC. This is probably one of the best tools you will have to measure what’s working and what isn’t because it comes equipped with plenty of PPC metrics that automate that task for you.

AdWords is flexible because it has customizable options for your campaign to suit your specific needs.

For example, some of AdWords features that can help you are:

Keyword Match Types – Different match types allow you to target your ads for different keyword search phrases.

Ad extensions – This gives you the ability to display links to different pages on your site, or a quick click to your company’s contact information.

Identify Your Audience – Adwords can be set up so that you can discover your audience by location, language, device type and even daily traffic trends.

2. PPC Your Way To The Top

A huge drawback with SEO is that it can take months before you notice any changes to your search ranking. I love SEO and think having an SEO plan is important to your online success.  That being said, PPC will get you to the top of the search results now.

3. Reach a Bigger Audience

Google is always working to make AdWords better because it’s one of its primary sources of income. Through time Google took notice that product listing ads and in-video ads on YouTube get more impressions. These engaging ads mean more revenue for Google, and companies that are advertising on these formats and extensions as well.

Also, take into consideration that YouTube has over 1 billion uniques a month as well as several billion views a day. It’s also 2X bigger than Bing and Yahoo! Search combined. So, why wouldn’t you market your ads to that audience!?

4. Keep Your Budget On A Leash

One of the best things about Adwords is that you can set a maximum cost per day for your campaign. How does this help your business? It allows you to control campaign ad spend without going over budget. The number of ads will begin to decrease as your budget gets lower. However, you can increase your budget accordingly. This flexibility is a nice option if you want a lot of leads in a short period. If you are new to the world of PPC and are curious as to how much to set your AdWords budget at, check out this SlideShare that provides a handy mathematical formula for you to use.

5. Beat Your Competitors

Because AdWords works more quickly, when compared to SEO, you have a significant advantage over competitors. Because you’ll already be appearing in search engines, your page will be receiving more traffic from search results than other companies who aren’t hip to Adwords yet.

What if you’re competitors are using AdWords as well? According to Mozcast.com, 80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements. So if we look at the growth of Adwords, trends suggest that most companies will advertise on adwords. It’s better to get ahead of the trend than being left behind!


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