Are you ready for Adwords management?

So your business has been growing, the traffic to your PPC campaign is doing great but the problem you’re running into is trying to balance your work with your digital marketing efforts. If you spend more time on your PPC account you’ll continue to get calls but will you be able to go on the calls? Maybe it’s time to consider hiring someone to manage your Adwords account. If you are lucky enough to come to this conclusion there are questions you should ask yourself as well as the person you will hire to manage your marketing.

Ask yourself: Will hiring someone to manage my PPC help my business grow?

The answer should always be a resounding YES! however, if you have any trepidation about whether or not you should hire someone manage your accounts perhaps your company is not ready for the next step quite yet.

What to ask the PPC Manager: What are your fees? What is it for?

I make it a standard practice when discussing my services with a potential client to discuss fees first. If they are uncomfortable with my fees then why should I waste their time selling them on services they otherwise aren’t comfortable paying for. It goes both ways, as a business owner your time is valuable, don’t waste your time discussing marketing strategies that you aren’t comfortable hiring. So it’s important you find out the fees and the purpose of said fees.

What to ask the PPC Manager: Does my website need any optimizing?

Small businesses sometimes tend to forget the importance of an efficient mobile-optimized website, that displays all the relevant information you need to have a good quality score in Adwords.


There are too many things that you need to ask yourself before you can come to terms with when hiring a PPC professional, in the end, you need to pick someone that sees your success as their own.

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