Fundamental Social Media Strategies

Social media is changing every day but during this process, it has become a key part of every business’s marketing strategies. Whether it is social selling, content marketing or customer service, social media platforms give you the chance to reach your target audience and establish relationships.

It’s easy to see that Social Media is charging it’s way into the future of advertising but I bet you’re wondering where do I start? Lucky for you, you’ve found my blog! Below you’ll see i’ve listed 5 key fundamentals in managing a prosperous Social Media marketing campaign.

1. Platform=Audience – Choose Wisely

There are a lot of social media platforms to choose from, at this point, it is important to refrain from hopping on every single one. Why? Well, each social media platform has their own audience base and it’s critical that you are on the platforms where your target audience will be, regardless of popularity or active users.

For example, if your business is a clothing designer, then Linkedin probably isn’t the best option. Linkedin’s primary audience is more of a B2B platform. A better choice would be Facebook or Instagram since those are geared more toward an audience that would likely be interested in your product.

2. Persistence is vital

Consistent branding is key when managing different social platforms, too often I’ve seen multiple social media accounts for the same company, that looks completely different with inconsistent logos, cover photos and bios. It is imperative that your branding is consistent across all platforms, this will allow potential clients/customers immediately recognize your brand no matter which site or app they’re seeing it from.

3. More Content!

One of the biggest problems facing many business’s social media accounts are lack of posts, content needs to be distributed on a regular cycle, it can never stop or become inconsistent. If you are tweeting once or twice a week or only publish a new image on Instagram every now and then you will be overlooked and ultimately will waste your time and energy. In most cases, it can have the reverse effect and damage the company’s reputation as people believe that your approach to your audience is lacklustre.

So now we ask how many posts should you write? That will depend mostly on your audience, and it will take some trial and error to find out what works best for you and your brand. The key factor to this is to keep an eye on your analytics, it is essential to discover what content is working best and driving the most interaction, it is time-consuming but in the long run well worth the energy. However, you can always hire someone like myself to manage your social media for you and bypass all this gobbledygook.

4. Make Your Profiles Seen

Establishing your social media profiles from scratch is one of the most difficult challenges within social media marketing, at the end of the day you will show up on social media but how will your potential audience know you are there? This quickly becomes frustrating because gaining your first few followers can feel like a lifetime and it’s easy to feel the urge to give up, but don’t give up!

This might seem obvious, but many businesses take a passive strategy to social media branding and wait for the results to happen rather than going and getting them. It just simply never works out that way. Promote your social media profiles everywhere! Print it on all of your business cards, brochures and link to your website. Ultimately the best way to boost your social media presence is running a social advertising campaign, which is also something that Pi-PPC can help with!

5. Engage, Engage & Engage

So you are ready to continue with your social media account and you’ve been persistent about your accounts to the entire world! But now what do you post? Many businesses think of social media as a place to advertise their products/service, but it isn’t! Social media should be used to communicate and interact with your target audience and add value to their newsfeed.

You can start establishing awareness for your brand on social media by engaging with other users. It’s as simple as replying to Tweets and commenting on Facebook and Instagram posts.

You should never feel weird about replying from a company account. It is completely normal and your customers/clients expect a company to reply to them. In fact, it has become increasingly more common for customers to turn to social media to settle their customer service matters.


Having experience in social media advertising, it’s easy to focus on the content creation and growing the number of followers you have. But it’s crucial to take the proper amount of time to think about the connection between social media and your brand first. It’s important to prioritize your social media branding before publishing content as this will help you connect with your target audience.


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