Into the Black… Friday

As I type this we are in the prime shopping season, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Hopefully, you’ve found your deals, or perhaps you’re still working on finding the right one… who knows right?

But what is the most important part of holiday shopping? is it finding the right bargain or the new “it” toy? No, the most important part is having the funds to have such pursuits.

As a business owner, I hope you took full advantage of such opportunities but if you haven’t it’s not too late! I’m going to list 3 tips that will help you take advantage of the holidays!

1. Limited Time Offers

Create a limited time offer, to encourage customers to buy now! Start by defining your offer’s dates and times. Also make sure you use benefit based calls to action. Ask yourself what will your audience get by acting on your offer?

Get 40% Off Now

Claim Your Free Gift W/ Purchase

Sign Up for Exclusive Savings

Keep your offers simple and honest. Never offer something you can’t follow through with.

2. Targeting

Target your niche products to a highly targeted audience. Double down on the keywords relevant to your niche products.

3. Let Your Deals Be Known!

Use email, social media and your website to let customers know about your upcoming deals. Repetition is the key!


4. The most important of all!

Stop for a moment and remember why you’re even doing all this hard work. Spend time with your loved ones. I mean that’s what it’s all about in the end anyway.


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