PPC Myths Busted

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is among one of the best methods to not only generate quality traffic to your website but one of the most effective ways to acquire customers online! However, there are a few myths that have started to follow PPC advertising, and in this post, I’ll be addressing a few of them meanwhile giving a cheeky nod to the hit television show that I wish would come back!

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1. People don’t click PPC ads

This could not be farther from the truth. PPC advertising is every bit as viable as any other types of ads, and I would venture to say that it’s one of the more honest forms of advertising as Google Ads has developed specific content guidelines to help punish any seemingly low-quality advertisements and people who are attempting to commit fraud. The reality is over 50% of searchers can’t tell the difference between an ad in the search results. Also, it’s worth noting that Google makes 70% of its revenue from Google Ads. If people weren’t clicking, Google wouldn’t be making money, and as far as I’ve seen Google isn’t having trouble making money.

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2. PPC affects my organic search position

This is another myth that has gained steam, and it’s no where near being accurate. There is zero correlation whatsoever between PPC and your organic search rankings. PPC has a completely different set of benefits to your overall marketing campaigns other than just simply boosting your rankings in search engines.

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3. PPC gets too many bad and fraudulent clicks to see any results

Chances are if you do not see results fraudulent clicks are not the problem. It typically comes down to two reasons, either your account is poorly structured, or your website is lacking. Google does everything in its power to stop fraudulent clicks from coming through to your ads and website.

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4. You need a big budget to rank well

When it comes down to it, it’s entirely up to you on how much you want to spend. You can use a bigger budget to generate data about clicks and conversions at a quicker pace, but the quality score that your keywords receive isn’t based on the amount of budget you are using. Rather, it’s determined by relevance. How relevant is your ad? Are the keywords you are using good choices? Are you using the correct landing pages to link through? These are the questions you need to consider. You can rank well on a lower budget.

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I do not in any way have an affiliation with the television show.

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