What is a good Click Through Rate?

It’s the question that every PPC clients and managers ask themselves. It’s fairly obvious to say that the higher the better but the true debate lies as to what a good CTR to a lacklustre one is. In this post, I will do my best to explain what I believe a Good CTR in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

First, the different factors that come into play.

Networks- Search Network & Google Shopping campaign will typically have much high Click Through Rates than Display campaigns, but remarketing does provide the opportunity for better CTRs than other types of Display campaigns.

Relevance- This encompasses every step of the search process, from beginning to end. How well do these items work together? The better they relate the higher the CTR.

Ad RankAd position may be low even if everything in your ads is relevant. Considering Google Shopping ad units and ad extensions, visibility of text ads can diminish greatly. Ads below the fold on search providers off can accrue impressions without your ad being seen.

Device- Click Through Rates vary by device. Typically mobile CTR will be higher than PC and tablet. Mobile ads take up much of the screen, giving users only images before having to scroll.

Data- The general guideline is to have at least 100 impressions on any given campaign, ad group, keyword, or ad copy before optimizing. There is, of course, exceptions but this threshold makes for a good rule of thumb to give your projects a chance to succeed.

Vertical- Click Through Rates change by vertical, especially when you take competition into consideration. Terms like “doctor” related terms are typically more expensive and have an abundance of search volume thus causing fluctuations in your CTR.

So in conclusion and based on my own experience with all the factors listed a good CTR is 2% though you should always strive to improve your Click Through Rate.

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