Where do you get your information?


It’s a weird question coming from a PPC Marketing blog but is it? 

I, like most people, go to Google (or your search engine preference) when I need information about products or services. And it’s there that you get your answers if you had any about SEM (Search-Engine-Marketing).

If you were to advertise your company on a billboard wouldn’t you put it in a place where you think most people are going to see it right? Your answer should be yes, or if you are clever to PPC you’d know that you could save money and hire someone to advertise for you right there on the search engines where 74% of all consumers use Google Search.

In Citrus County, Florida (where I currently reside) there is an alarming amount of small businesses missing out on these advertising opportunities. They use traditional advertising, such as yellow pages or ads in the newspaper meanwhile totally neglecting their web presence thus obstructing their potential growth and profits. I wish I could reach out and show these companies and show them what they’re missing out on but unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day. But their loss is YOUR gain (presuming you’re a small business owner), PPC could be your edge up on the competition!

SEM, SEO and PPC marketing are quickly becoming the future of advertising, if you need any confirmation of that take a look at where Google makes a majority of its earnings… It’s Adwords; not radio ads, not billboards, not TV commercials but Google Adwords which brings them in more than $100 million a day!

If you would like more information or have any thoughts feel free to leave them in the comments section or even shoot me an email.

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